The Reason I’m Here.

So now I’m blogging. Not something I expected to be doing when I woke up this morning but I didn’t have plans anyway!

In some countries it’s the first day of spring, though there is some controversy over that. So I’ve decided to celebrate it with starting something new. My new years resolution and Lent have both failed miserably (I don’t think being healthy is for me), so I’ve decided to try something different. Instead of denying myself, I’m on the search for that perfect recipe.

And though that may not seem awfully specific, it’s really not meant to be. I’m just looking for the perfect recipe. The perfect recipe for lasagne, the perfect recipe for dessert, the perfect recipe for light, airy, fluffy, perfect cupcakes. Basically, I’m looking for the perfect recipe for life. I’m looking to find the perfect balance between the sweet and the savoury, the sugar and the salt. I’m on a quest to find what it is that is missing from my kitchari, because that one’s been annoying me for a while!

Now, I just want to make this clear. Though this is a blog that will talk a lot about food, post pictures of food and give recipes of food, it is not a food blog. Well, it’s a food blog but it’s not a blog filled soley with my own, 3 times tried, award winning michelen starred recipes. It is a blog written by a girl who really just loves to cook, who comes home from school and has to take time away from homework to make the dinner. And so, has decided to cook as many recipes from as many recipe books and sites and really wherever she can find them (and who will of course be sure to give all the credit that is due to those who came up with the recipe in the first place). And though it is surely an impossible task, try and find the recipe that sings. The one recipe among the millions that holds the answer to life, that brings joy and eternal contentment to any who taste it. And so, because I can’t really find anything else to believe in, I’ve decided to believe in this recipe, it must be out there. And I am committed to finding it.

So this is The Reason I’m Here. To try, test and eat as many recipes as possible. And who knows? Maybe I’ll even come up with a few of my own on the way. And as a result of this, to get terribly fat! So I’ll post up te recipes as I go along, and maybe even someday convince another human being (I know there are some of you out there somewhere) with my mediocre photography skills and still evolving writing, to BAKE something! Because frankly, when faced with the possibility of having the tantalising aroma of baked goods in the oven flowing through the kitchen and into the rest of the house, I don’t know how you could resist!


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