Friday and vegetarian korma.

IT’S FRIDAY! (well it’s actually Saturday now) Yay! The day that most of the world has been waiting for all week. I now really understand why so many songs have been written about it. I could almost write one about it myself. However, at this time of the morning I really think that it’s better to spare your poor ears.

So today the search for ‘That Recipe’ began officially. It feels good. I now have a purpose. Up until about 10 ‘O clock last night I was at a complete loss as to what to cook, it felt like it really should be significant, it being the first day and all. Sitting there on the couch with my dog on one side and my mother on the other I began to think longingly of meat. Lasagne (the meaty kind), southern fried chicken, pork rolled with stuffing. And before I could help myself I began on a tyrade about my mothers pescetarianism (basically a vegetarian who eats fish) and how much I wanted to be able to cook meat for both of us, and how, well, this was a very low point in the argument for me, how more cows would die if we didn’t eat them than if we did. So basically my point is that I didn’t have a very good argument. And that’s how I ended up promising to cook her an vegetarian korma (because Indian is her favourite type of food) as the first recipe on my search for ‘That One Recipe’.

I ended up choosing a Jamie Oliver recipe, here’s the link to the recipe if you want it:

Today was a hectic day, so when I looked at the clock at 4.45 thinking that it was only about 3 I nearly fell off my chair. I still had to go to the shop to buy all my ingredients! Luckily, as we live on an island that’s only 12 miles long it’s only about a 7 minute cycle.
Unluckily, as we live on an island with only 700 people there were no chilies in the shop. They just decided not to stock them this week. So I had to make do with chilie powder for my recipe, I don’t think that it made too much difference. So with my first disaster of the day diverted, I began to cook.

A masterpiece in progress :p

A masterpiece in progress.

Of course, with the luck I was having today, it wasn’t long before another disaster had to be fed to the dog. The almonds burned. I watched them meticulously for the first 4 or 5 minutes, then I turned around to get a spice and KAPOOF! Burnt black! So I started again. Thank god they turned out all right the second time. I believe that that was the end of my disasters for the day.
Wait. Actually there was one more very minor spillage, I almost forgot it happens so often, it’s fine though, don’t freak out. I just elbowed a glass of water onto the floor. Though you must understand that this is a daily occurance and is very hard to avoid when you’re working in a kitchen that you can reach the cooker, sink and all the cupboards from the same spot.

I’m not going to go into much detail about the cooking of this recipe, if you like the look of it and want to give it a go ahead  just use the link above. You may also need the recipe for korma curry paste, that is if you want to go about it all homemade (or they don’t sell the jarred stuff on your side of the water, like me!)

So here it is:

All you need to know really about my endeavours to cook this recipe were that:
1. I left out both the optional chilies and feta cheese because of unavaliability!
2.I didn’t make the rice out of cauliflower. I actually thought that it was a bit silly. Normal basmati worked fine for me and tasted pretty good too.
3.In the korma curry paste I left out both the chillies and the dessicated coconut (oh, the joys of living on an island)
4. I used lemongrass instead of curry leaves (guess why!?!)

They’re the only differences I made to this recipe, I just feel like I should make that clear before I start talking about what I thought of the final product.

Now for the talking about the final product part. Here’s a picture of it by the way, because I know how much I love pictures and I can’t imagine how other people might not like them as much. I’m no photographer, and I’m currently saving up for a better camera than my  3 or 4 year old iPod. So the quality isn’t amazing. But it’s a picture all the same. 🙂

Drumroll please………..


Tah Dah! The final product. Tonight’s dinner, my version of Jamie Oliver’s Sweet Potato Vegetable Korma.

From another angle now.

From another angle now.

This curry wouldn’t be up the top of my curry list. Don’t get me wrong, it was enjoyable. The sweet potato was melt in your mouth and the coriander gave it a nice earthy nutty taste in the sauce and on the top a really nice light citrusy tang. However, it didn’t seem to me to be a korma. You must know the korma that everyone wishes for when they walk into an Indian restaurant. It’s the decadent, rich, creamy korma that comes in top every time. Korma is the curry with that sweet undertone, it’s the guilty pleasure of the curry world, and that’s why I love it so much. But sadly the yoghurt that was added to this curry in the last few minutes of it’s cooking time didn’t give it the mild, creamy texture that we would have wished for.
That said, we still really enjoyed it. It was light yet filling and had some really nice flavourings. So I certainly won’t be adverse to finishing the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. 🙂

So today’s main course didn’t make it onto my shortlist for ‘That Recipe’, but I will tell you something now that will hopefully hold you over until the morning. I arrived back in at about 11 ‘O clock this evening and had an overwhelming craving for muffins. It was immense. And in the fridge there just happened to be BLUEBERRIES! So I decided to look for a new recipe for chocolate chip and blueberry muffins. I won’t give away much more now except that they are possibly the nicest muffins that I have tasted in my entire life. I’ve already eaten 3, and these are big muffins that I’m talking about. I hope the suspense doesn’t keep you awake!

More soon…


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