DP Challenge, 50 word story.

This is a lot harder than it sounds. Honestly.

Last night I was surfing WordPress and I came across the Daily Challenge, from there I somehow found my way to the blog of Vincent Mars, ie. Boy With A Hat. I have hardly left is site for even a moment since. He is truly amazing.

So back to the point. I then decided why not, I might as well try out this 50 words thing. And so I did. Conveying a story of any sort in only 50 words is challenging. But I have tried to the best of my ability. So here it is:


The tide gifted the sand with a shell, from the sky

Then the wind howled at her angrily, riled, in reply

‘Why, pray tell, do you gift the sand and not I?’

Taide answered the Winde with a gleam in her eye

‘A girl always appreciates those who are shy.’


Now I know this isn’t a food post but it’s always good to diiversify your writing, right?





22 thoughts on “DP Challenge, 50 word story.

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