Birthday Cake 1! Raspberry Chocolate Chip Layer

I’m back. It really has been a while. Between holidays and birthday season and family. Lots and lots of family. I just haven’yt had the time to blog about the great time that I was having! But now I’m back in school. The normal routine (nearly) back on track. And so I return to you. 🙂


I’m not exactly going in chronological order. I’ve baked quite a lot over the last while so I’m just going to blog the second cake I baked over the holiday season. It wasn’t really a birthday cake (even if it does say it in the title), it was more a cake that was used to bring almost everybody in our entire family into the same house at the same time. Stressful, but nice to have five over 80’s on our 3 seater couch!

So I of course had to pick the right cake. Picking the wrong one would have been disasterous. I cowardly went back to my constant. Sally’s Baking Addiction. And (of course) it was perfect. 

Not too hard to make, even in my Grandmothers ancient oven. Chocolaty on the outside and spongy on the inside. Though by no means light, so that people weren’t going for monster slices and leaving those last served with next to nothing. I couldn’t have wished for a better cake. 



I decided that as you can’t see it from the outside I’d show you this glorious picture (in terrible lighting) of the spongy perfect raspberry chocolate chippy inside of my cake.

The icing was so good. I ate it straight out of the bowl after the ordeal that came with the making of it. I won’t go into great detail about this particular trauma but all I’m going to say is that by the end of mixing the unsalted butter (unsoftened, which I believe is to blame for all of the morning’s problems) the blender was broken beyond repair and my 1 day old pair of new boots were permanently stained with a massive blob of butter. 

Needless to say I was gutted.

But this finished product was surely worth it.


And one with the candles on:



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